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So my old phone finally kaput, so my pops took me out to get another crack phone. So we went to best buy and since I haven’t really “grown up” (pft what’s that, I’m not 22 or anything) I ditched my pops to go play with the demo games while he took care of the “grown up” stuff and I literally pushed kids out of the way when I saw that the Wii U demo for Hyrule Warriors was out at best buy. I squealed with excitement and told the kids who were playing it at the time that there were free games being handed out all the way over in the department on the opposite side of the store just so I could take the game for myself. ;H; Let me just tell you guys who haven’t played the demo, it’s beautiful. Game hype out the anus. So I painted this for my new phones background picture as well as Link is just too hot/sexy/cute/alltheabove. *v* Probably more LoZ- HW doodles on the way owo


She got so many hate I kinda develop a soft spot for her.

Personally I think her moveset is actually quite awesome.



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Demon Lord Ghirahim by evelmiina

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"Okay, you’ll be the adventurer on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, you’ll be the Princess. We’ll flip for Sunday."


Replenished by WesTalbott

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original by しょーた

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Date Idea: ordering pizza and playing zelda

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時のオカリナ | kiru 

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