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ღ ~ 新しい友達を作る時間 ~ღ


"What a lovely confession from a stranger, although it is the first time I have been wooed. I mean, considering the fact that I am quite young for such trivial things like relationships," she snickered mentally. The woman looked quite shocked, but it was no different, hearing that someone as childlike as her in charge of multiple experiments? It seemed almost impossible.

"Amundsen-san? That sounds tedious. Unless you are a client please do address me as simply Aya," she replied to Sakura’s flustered outburst. Her ears perked up a bit. "So you know this Mister Jones? You’d think that even I traveled there for school and have yet to meet him. Formally, at least. You seem to have some attachment to him?"

Slowly rising, her face was still flushed in embarrassment. “Aya… san?” She muttered, mostly to herself to try it out. Unsure if she should keep the san or lose it. That part of the name was always a matter of confusion for her, since when she was little was needed to add it, but now-a-days many asked of her to drop it. For now, Sakura decided to keep the san until told otherwise. Old habits did die hard as it was often said.

With a meek nod, her blush calmed a bit, thinking of her boyfriend. “Y-yes, I know of Alfred.” She replied, smiling. “I’m sure he was just busy at that time, he works harder than anyone I know, well, other than maybe my brother that is. A-a-a-as for attachment… ummmm… I believe you could call it that. I mean, whenever we do meet one another, it’s for less formal or work reasons. Uhhh… where was I again?” She said having a large lack of words or thoughts for that matter, when she thought of Alfred more and more.

Hello Sakura, what a nice name you have! Could I ask you a question please? In Japan, do you know what the exact meaning of Azalea flower is?

Oh, hello, and thank-you. It would quite alright, I always enjoy questions.


Azalea? You must mean “the flower with two names”—or at least that’s what I call it; Tsutsuji and Satsuki. Well, the flower with two names means “patient” and “modest” in Japan.

ღ ~ 新しい友達を作る時間 ~ღ


Aya had a small smile behind that wool scarf of hers. Alfred F. Jones? Perhaps Iit was that person that she had heard once or twice in a few papers. “Is that so? And what purpose do you have to see her? Is it to deliver news that the Amundsen-Scott Station is officially closed and all personnel must halt all experiments and leave?” A sigh left the girl’s lips before staring at the other.

"And I haven’t even finished my packing or where I can reassign my works. Welcome, Miss Sakura, to the Amundsen-Scott Station. My name is Aya Amundsen and I am in charge of this place. Unfortunately for you, I have not met this Alfred person. I have only heard of him roughly in the papers that I have worked in."

Confused, Sakura tilted her head, not hearing that something was going to close. A weak smile came to her lips, it seems she didn’t even know a lot of what has been happening to Alfred either, it was better not to ask though. If something was wrong, she wouldn’t make a fuss about it, he always had something or other going on. Mentally shaking her head to get back to the subject, her lips turned into a grin making herself look more child-like than the adult she tried to act like most of the time. “Oh… I just came to meet Aya, and win her heart.” She replied jokingly, feeling as if it was needed to lighten up the others mood, soon waving her hand to show it was only a joke, not expecting what was going to be said next.

"Y-you’re really Aya—I-I mean…" Taking a moment to compose herself, embarrassed of telling such a joke now. In only the matter of seconds though, Sakura went back to her usual posture and pose of being a proper lady, something she was very good at portraying. "It is wonderful to finally meet you Amundsen-san, thank-you so much for the welcome. And… to be completely honest it isn’t too unfortunate for me, it’s actually a bit of a relief, it seems he has been working far more lately. Good for him." She said, nodding her head.

ღ ~ 新しい友達を作る時間 ~ღ


"Well, it sure must be important for you to come all the way out here. Why not stay at home and ask them to visit you?" At hearing about a warmer climate, the girl would probably do that instead of making an appointment in such harsh weather. She made her way down the halls, checking clipboards that hung on walls, and went through her papers every now and again before coming to a door.

"Please, come in." The room looked very much like every other office with the addition of very many clocks all ticking at different times. Aya sat down at a desk and motioned to the couch that was placed against the wall. “So, who was it you were looking for? Perhaps I could help.” Thin fingers tapped along the keyboard as her eyes stared at the computer screens.

"To me that seems a bit rude. If I wish to see someone I shouldn’t make them come to me, especially if my country and theirs have no firm relationship with each other. Plus, this is more of a personal visit, even if it’s important to me, others would not see such a thing as any importance." Sakura said softly, growing quiet soon after wondering if that was too much information. It wasn’t really a rule humans couldn’t know of other nations, but it was a bad omen. Maybe as long as she didn’t outright say it, everything would be fine.

Bowing in thanks, Sakura went inside, only taking a quick glance not so much caring about how the room looked, though the clocks did catch her eyes. Was it normal to have so many clocks in a single room? It wasn’t often she even entered someone’s office, so she could have only guessed it was normal. “Ah… it is… well… Their name is Aya…” Thinking hard, Sakura realized she knew close to nothing about the person she was searching for. She really didn’t come prepared, but she did remember one other thing about the person. “And I believe they are friends with Alfred F. Jones… I’m sorry, that’s all I really know, you might even know of Alfred either.” She finally said embarrassed she came searching for this mystery person without scooping info on them first.

ღ ~ 新しい友達を作る時間 ~ღ


Aya stared lazily at the other, not necessarily awake from all the work she had been doing. “Huh? We look nothing alike,” she responded to the woman’s comment. “Well, I suppose I can let you stay, just don’t meddle with any of the data we have or any tests going on. It would be troublesome to everyone.” The girl didn’t give her name but this was mostly because she didn’t know just who this person was.

Aya made her way to the holding pen and noticed the lady behind her. “Ah, I have questions for you, please come.” Her eyes followed the other before turning to her front. “Miss Sakura, was it? Why are you here? Where did you come from?”

Laughing softly, Sakura nodded not necessary agreeing with the others response, but accepting to disagree. That was something she did with almost everyone that she didn’t know very well. “Research…” The woman said softly to herself, already considering the idea that Aya was just one of the scientists rather than who she was looking for.

At first, she was about to refuse, only to remember at times it was more rude to refuse an offer than just take it. So instead, Sakura followed behind Aya, tilting her head at the questions before smiling brightly. “Yes, it was… I came to visit someone, though to be honest they do not know I am coming or even who I am, since I do not know much about this person either. My home is Japan, that is where I come from, it is… much warmer than this place even during the winter season—have you ever been there? Even in the colder months, it’s quite a beautiful place.” She replied, hoping that was good enough of an answer for the other woman.