Just Cia tonight, and she’s not impressed.


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Whew, finally something new!

Here I go again with more TP-style Zelink and not very original surroundings <3

I feel as if I haven’t been drawing for ages, since I was ill and not in the mood for it. But now I’d love to draw more, especially Zelink, Zelink, Vaati, Zelink, maybe Vaati, and some Zelink, too~


ghirahim is the hottest guy w/o eyebrows i ever did see

gave him his final form hair but in normal form mode and it just ended up disturbing me


Zelda Wii U

All hail the ponytails.


My Skyward Sword print for AX!!! I will be at table B43 with siobhanchiffon!!! CHECK OUT HER HELA HOT LINK PRINT TOO ;_ ;;!!!! 

Gold Skulltula Illustrations


volga | more loz | more hw


After getting both Cia’s story and Guardian of Time outfit, I couldnt help but want to draw the little baby… ; /// ; aaaa I actually have a long list of drawings I wanna make!!


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The witch and her hero


He has a soft spot.

I’ve never drawn a dragon before please forgive me I just wanted to get this down before I forgot about it.